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Are you grieving? Help is here if you are suffering with the loss of a loved one. As loving as friends and family can be, often times they can not provide the understanding and comfort you need because they don't know what you are going through. Rich Nilsen lost his college sweetheart and wife of four and a half years in a commercial airline crash in 1997. She was only 27 years old.

In "The Road to Recovery" Nilsen discusses that you come to a crossroads in your life when you lose someone very dear to you. To help you choose the right path, it is vital to read the work of someone who knows full well the deep sorrow you feel and can provide both comfort and practical advice that works. That is where this book comes in.


"The contents are amazing and profound. Your words rang loud and true when I read them. Wish I had found this book earlier." - Terry Welch, sister to Michael Ryan lost on Comair flight 5196, Aug. 27, 2006.

"I just read The Road to Recovery. It was so informative. I am founder and director of a bereavement support group for parents who have lost a child." - Ann Carruci, HANDS (Healing and Nurturing Distraught Survivors)

"We would love to get a copy of The Road to Recovery and see if we can incorporate it into our resource materials in some way. Again, I want to thank you for developing this material and for your incredible effort to reach out to those suffering from the 9/11 disaster." - April Naturale, N.Y. State Director, Project Liberty.

"Be assured that we will have your support guides distributed to those who have lost a loved one in the tragedy of Sept. 11th. Thank you for all you have done to help alleviate some of the pain borne by loved ones of those who died on September 11th." - Rev. Msgr. Gregory Mustaciuolo, Secretary to His Eminence, Edward Cardinal Egan

"This book contains so many insightful, appropriate and helpful ideas and suggestions. God bless you." - Kelly Markillie, pastoral counselor at The Cathedral of Christ The King, Atlanta, GA.

"I lost my son in the World Trade Center [911] and I found your book so comforting." - Patricia Noah, mother of Leonard M. Castrianno, Cantor Fitzgerald, 105th floor WTC.

"The Road to Recovery" is jam packed with helpful advice and resources to guide through this turbulent time, and make sure you get on the road to a better life. Healing is around the corner.

If you or someone you love is dealing with sorrow, this book will be of great comfort and offer invaluable bereavement advice that you can begin to apply today. Each day can and will get easier. Download this book to your Kindle today.

Published by All Star Press - Books that Change Lives.

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